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(This microsite will be updated from time to time. Kindly visit frequently to get more updates on the 2024 Library and Information Services Month celebration.)

The celebration of Library and Information Services Month (LISM) in November, as initiated by Proclamation No. 837, series of 1991, underscores the pivotal role that libraries and information centers play in our society. The National Library of the Philippines (NLP) and the National Commission for Culture and the Arts – National Committee on Library and Information Services (NCCA-NCLIS) have been at the forefront of orchestrating month-long activities dedicated to raising public awareness about the indispensable services offered by these institutions.

LISM 2024 seeks to resonate the impact of these annual celebrations by conducting events and activities that align with the evolving needs of libraries and information centers. The NLP will continue to spearhead the project under the auspices of its designated organizing committee, ensuring a cohesive and dynamic celebration that extends to various Filipino communities.


  1. Elevate public consciousness regarding the role of libraries in fostering lifelong learning, community empowerment, and facilitating learning and research endeavors.
  2. Spotlight the significant impact of libraries in cultivating a culture of reading, nurturing a passion for literature, and fostering the joy of learning through diverse literary resources.
  3. Establish a cohesive and inclusive calendar of events for diverse library settings by extending invitations to a wide array of library groups, ensuring a unified and diverse participation in the LIS Month celebrations.

Join our advocacy!

Use the 2024 LISM Digital Collaterals

Government agencies, affiliated Public Libraries and other stakeholders are encouraged to use, post, and share the Official LISM Poster, Banners, Feature Frames, and LISM 2024 Calendar of Activities on all social media accounts.

Organize your own LISM Activities

Initiate and organize your own LIS-related events such as seminars, webinars, workshops, lectures, and exhibits, aside from the line-up of activities of NLP and NCCA-NCLIS. Submit your list of activities to for inclusion in the LISM 2024 Calendar of Activities and Souvenir Program.

Join the LISM Online Campaign

Spread the good news and join the online campaign for the LISM 2024 by sharing the LIS related activities/content and use the hashtags #NationalLibraryPH, #LISM2024, #LibVOCACY. Support the campaign also in Twibbonize.

For inquiries and concerns, send your e-mail  at or visit the NLP social media accounts (@NLP1887) and the NLP website for more information.

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