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Reading Room services are available from Mondays to Fridays (except holidays) at 8:00 AM- 5:00 PM.
Clients are advised to bring their valid ID.

Building is under construction, facilities are limited and some library materials may not be available for use. 

*Bring NLP Client ID or any valid ID, and letter of request (as needed), additional details below;

  • All collections are for “room use” only.
  • Only two (2) books at a time are allowed to be borrowed.
  • Theses are allowed only to graduate and college students while dissertations are for those who are in the post graduate studies. Valid school ID or registration form is required.
  • Access to rare books, manuscripts and other special materials is restricted (submit a letter of request to the Director)
  • Food and drinks are not allowed inside reading rooms.
  • Filipiniana serials published from 1990-present can be photocopied except for journals which will be allowed depending on its physical condition. For issues before 1990,  reproduction will be requested from the Multimedia Section through microfilm print-out.
  • For materials under copyright restrictions, only certain pages are allowed to be photocopied and for theses and dissertations, only the abstract.

  • Readers need to acquire a Client transaction stub before using the library facilities and resources.

       1. Bring one (1) valid ID

      2. Proceed to the IT Division cubicle shared space at the ground floor lobby Desk.

      3. Fill out the online registration form.

    *NLP Client ID is optional (available in PVC type at Php100.00).

  • Subject to copyright restrictions



     Microform Material print-out


     Electronic Material print-out


  • materials are for “room use” only.

    • Client browses the On-line Public Access Catalog (OPAC) on details of information resources he/she would like to borrow. Complete bibliographic information must be properly noted including location symbol:
                              Asia for Asia & Oceania                                   CL for Children’s Library
                              Fil. for Filipiniana                                               GPD for Government Publications
                              MMC for Multimedia Center                             Ref. for Reference
    • Client proceeds to the reading room areas and registers in the Readers’ Attendance Sheet at the entrance area.
    • Client is directed to the shelf number where his/her requested materials are located.
    • After getting the book, this must be presented to the librarian in-charge at the circulation counter together with library ID or transaction stub and request form.
    • Client must be cleared with all materials he/she borrowed before he/she can borrow again.
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