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Cataloging in Publication (CIP)



            Cataloging in Publication (CIP) is a voluntary service offered free of charge to Philippine publishers by the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) through its Catalog Division. Its purpose is to produce standardized bibliographic descriptions for forthcoming Philippine publications. Once the cataloging are complete, publishers will receive an email in the form of CIP. Below is the example:

It should be printed on the copyright page or on the back of the title page of the book. CIP created by Catalog Division appear in the Philippine National Bibliography (PNB) available at or at

Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Eligibility

The following are the list of ineligible publisher and publicatio n types:

            1. Publisher types excluded from CIP

a. Publishers that do not have a Philippine address, even if their publications are written, printed or distributed in the Philippines.

b. Book vendors, distributors, and printers.

2. Publication types excluded from CIP

a. Books that are already published

b. Reprints where the imprint, publisher, content and format are unchanged

c. School material at the elementary and secondary levels such as student texts and teachers’ resources.

d. Audio-visual materials including mixed media. Examples, Videos, DVD’s, audio cd’s, kits.

e. Computer files/ programs. Examples, CD-ROMS, computer disk, websites.

f. Electronic versions of books.

g. Microforms

h. Music scores. Examples, Songbooks, music collections, etc.

i.  Serials or Periodicals. Examples, magazines, journals, annuals and other publications issued regularly under the same title.

j.  Reprint of a previously published serial issue

k. Travel guides

l.  Ephemeral or consumable materials. Examples, trade catalogs, coloring books, comics, writing books, cut-out books, childrens books.

m. Gift books. Examples, Illustrated collections of inspirational, humorous verse, sayings or quotations.

n. Maps, wall charts

2.  The following are the list of eligible publication types:

a. Upcoming new and revised edition of books

b. Self-published books

c. Print on demand books

d. Graphic novels

e. Translated books published in the Philippines

f. Electronic books published simultaneously with printed books

Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Application Process

  1. The application process starts when the publisher sends documentary requirements at using the CIP Application Form. Using the subject: Application for CIP by Name of Publisher. Publishers are required to submit the galley proof of the library materials/works to be process:

a. Title page and Copyright page

b. Table of contents

c. Introduction and Preface

d. Sample content (Example Chapter 1)

  1. Once the application and complete requirements are received, the Catalog Division will process the application within three (3) working days upon receipt of the application. Application received after 4:00 in the afternoon shall be processed on the following working day. If requirements are incomplete, the Catalog Division will inform the publisher by email.

  2. The Catalog Division staff may contact the publisher in order to obtain additional information for completing the application.

  3. The CIP data is then sent to the publisher by email. The publisher will signed the CIP conforme by email as well.

  4. The publisher copies the CIP data and places it on the back of the title page.

  5. If the publisher makes changes to the work, the Catalog Division should be notified immediately.

How to complete the Cataloging in Publication (CIP) Application Form

Publisher Details

Provide the contact information for the main individual responsible for this application. It is the primary contact for all correspondence between the Catalog Division and the publisher regarding the application. Provide the publisher’s name and address.

Publisher Address and Imprint (Tradename)

Provide the specific publisher name(s) and its address that will appear on the title page. (Sometimes publishers use different names or imprints, depending on the type of book or audience.)

Place of Publication

Provide the place(s) of publication exactly as it/they will appear within the work, including any abbreviations.

Co-publisher(s) (if any)

If the work is being published by more than one publisher, please provide the name of the additional publisher as it will appear within the publication.

Publication Details

Title and subtitle(s)

Provide the title and subtitle(s) exactly as they appear on the publication’s title page.

Series title

Provide the series title exactly as it will appear on the book, as well as the ISSN, if applicable. When the series title appears in multiple languages, please provide all titles and indicate the order in which they will appear in the publication.

Series No.

If the application is for a book that is part of a series, please indicate the number associated with this particular volume.

Edition statement, if any

If applicable, indicate the current edition of the work as it will appear in the publication (e.g., second revised edition, third enlarged and corrected edition). Please include the names and responsibilities of any individuals associated with this edition (e.g., “with corrections and additions by [name]”).

International Standard Book Number (ISBN) and Format

Provide the correct ISBN and for what format. Example: ISBN 978-971-556-053-5 (hardbound); ISBN 978-971-556-054-2 (pdf)

Author(s), editor(s), translator(s), illustrator(s), etc.

List all the authors and other contributors, specifying their roles and functions. Example, edited by [name], compiled by [name], translated by [name], exactly as they will appear on the title page, and in the order in which they will appear.


Provide the primary audience for whom the publication is intended.

Genre /topic

Summarize the contents of the work. Include the book’s major characteristics, such as its scope, topic(s) or theme(s).

Kindly click the link or scan the QR code to fill-up the CIP application form.

For more information contact :

Ms. Susan M. Zamora
Ms. Joahnna C. Dumagan

(02) 5310-5034 loc. 402-403


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