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(This microsite will be updated from time to time. Kindly visit frequently to get more updates on the 2023 Library and Information Services Month celebration.)


Every November, the National Library of the Philippines and the National Committee on Library and Information Services of the National Commission for Culture and the Arts celebrate  Library and Information Services (LIS) Month through Proclamation No. 837 series of 1991, which declares the entire month of November as LIS Month.

The month-long activities, under the direction and auspices of the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) were designed to promote sustainability, which is becoming increasingly prevalent in libraries in terms of research and information dissemination, and also emphasize the continuing role of libraries and librarians in the evolution of technology.


In celebration of the 33rd Library and Information Services Month in November 2023, the Research and Publications Division with the LISM Working Committee is presenting the approved theme: “LETS Libraries: Learning, Empowering, and Transforming Society through Libraries.”

The theme “LETS Libraries” embodies the core principles and transformative impact of libraries on individuals and society as a whole. It highlights the multifaceted role of libraries in promoting lifelong learning, empowering communities, and catalyzing positive change. As hubs of knowledge, libraries play an integral part in fostering personal growth, cultivating a love for reading, and acting as catalysts for social transformation.


  1. To promote the  role of libraries in promoting lifelong learning, empowering communities, and catalyzing positive change in the community;
  2. To highlight the contribution of library in encouraging a culture of reading, nurturing a love for literature, and promoting the joy of discovery through books;
  3. To empower libraries in transforming the minds and inspire individuals to become active citizens

Learning for Life: Libraries are a cornerstone of lifelong learning, providing access to diverse resources, educational programs, and opportunities for continuous personal development.

Empowering Communities: Libraries empower communities by offering resources, support, and spaces that promote inclusivity, equity, and social cohesion.

Thriving Through Reading: Libraries encourage a culture of reading, nurturing a love for literature, and promoting the joy of discovery through books and storytelling.

Sparking Imagination: Libraries inspire creativity and imagination through various activities, workshops, and interactive programs that ignite curiosity and innovation.

Leveraging Technology: Libraries leverage technology to enhance access to information, bridge the digital divide, and promote digital literacy among patrons.

Inclusive Spaces: Libraries serve as welcoming and inclusive spaces for people of all ages, backgrounds, and abilities, fostering a sense of belonging within the community.

Building Knowledge Networks: Libraries connect people, institutions, and ideas, creating a network of knowledge-sharing that enriches society as a whole.

Strengthening Social Fabric: Libraries contribute to the fabric of society by organizing community events, forums, and discussions that promote dialogue and understanding.

Advocating for Change: Libraries serve as advocates for positive social change, raising awareness about important issues and empowering individuals to take action.

Transforming Minds, Transforming Society: Libraries have the power to transform minds, inspiring individuals to become active citizens and driving positive transformation within society.


Flagship Activities and Events

    18 September 2023 via Zoom, NLP FB Page & YouTube Channel
    A brief discussion of this year’s theme, presentation of the official poster and microsite, and explanation of various LISM activities and contests.
    6 November 2023, NLP Auditorium, Facebook Page & YouTube Channel
    A face-to-face event to formally kick off the celebration of LIS Month and promote the importance of libraries and librarians in relation to the theme.
    6-30 November 2023, Ground Floor Lobby, NLP Building
    Showcases key events, people, places, and publications in librarianship to emphasize the importance of celebrating Library and Information Services Month.
    7 November 2023, NLP Auditorium & Facebook Page
    A FREE seminar on financial literacy and records management that aims to foster the personal growth of librarians and the diverse communities that libraries serve.
    23-24 November 2023, Malay, Aklan
    A visit to the Municipality of Malay, Aklan to conduct face-to-face seminar and children’s activities.
    29 November 2023, NLP Auditorium, Facebook Page & YouTube Channel
    Launching of a coffee-table book featuring the stories of 100 Filipino librarians, sharing best practices, as well as chronicles of both failures and successes in the field of librarianship.
    29 November 2023, NLP Auditorium, Facebook page & YouTube Channel
    Culmination of the 2023 LIS Month festivities and awarding of the winners of various contests held during the month-long celebration.


  • Library Feud
    This is a fun game show for librarians, library staff and BLIS students. This game is about questions based on opinions or expectations that are asked in a survey before the show. The contestant must respond not with their own opinions and expectations but with guesses as to which answers were common or popular.
  • My Day in the Library
    A Tiktok Contest where participants will submit videos that show how their day in the library went. Videos will be posted in NLP’s Tiktok account, and entries with the most heart reactions will win.
  • Layb Testimony
    This contest demonstrates how the library has benefited participants’ lives. There have been times in their lives when it may be said that the library made a significant impact on them.
  • Guess How Many Books are in the Shelves
    A picture of shelves of books will be posted in the NLP social media pages and in the Reading Room and participants will be asked to guess how many books are there in the picture. The one/s who will guess correctly (or the closest one) will win the prize.
  • Lucky NLP Patrons of the Day
    Each NLP patron will be given a chance to draw a piece of paper from a box. Lucky users will be given special LISM merchandise based on what they were able to draw.
  • Pinoy Children’s Book Character
    Pinoy Children’s Book Character aims to give Filipino families a chance to share a fun, healthy, and academically nourishing activity for the recycled art sculpture contest while also promoting excitement and a love of reading. It’s a great approach to show everyone that reading is a worthy and engaging hobby. Our favorite characters from Filipino children’s storybooks from the library is featured in this competition.

Eligibility, Mechanics, and Awards

Registration and Submission Bin

Would you like to join any of the contests? Simply access the registration and submission bin by clicking <HERE> or scanning the QR code, and fill out the online form to participate and submit your entries for the various LISM 2023 contests.

Line-Up of Activities and Events

Messages for LISM 2023


Teaser and Promotional Videos

LISM 2023 Promotional Kit

The LISM 2023 Digital Packet includes downloadable versions of the following:

  • LISM Logo Variations
  • LISM 2023 Poster
  • LISM 2023 Banner
  • LISM 2023 Photo Frame (Twibbonize your profile photo here!)
  • LISM 2023 Zoom Background
  • LISM 2023 Calendar of Activities

LISM Press Release

Memorandum Issuances





Let’s Participate, LET’S Libraries!

Use the 2023 LISM Digital Packet

Government agencies, affiliated Public Libraries and other stakeholders are encouraged to use, post, and share the Official LISM Poster, Banners, Feature Frames, and LISM 2023 Calendar of Activities on all social media accounts.

Organize your own LISM Activities

Initiate and organize your own LIS-related events such as seminars, webinars, workshops, lectures, and exhibits, aside from the line-up of activities of NLP and NCCA-NCLIS. Submit your list of activities to for inclusion in the LISM 2023 Calendar of Activities and Souvenir Program.

Join the LISM Online Campaign

Spread the good news and join the online campaign for the LISM 2023 by sharing the LIS related activities/content and use the hashtags #NationalLibraryPH, #LISM2023, #LETSLibraries. Support the campaign also in Twibbonize.

For inquiries and concerns, send your e-mail  at or visit the NLP social media accounts (@NLP1887) and the NLP website for more information.

Countdown to LISM 2023 Closing and Awarding Ceremonies


Meet the LISM 2023 Committee Members

  • Honorary Officers

    Honorary Chairperson

    Cesar Gilbert Q. Adriano
    Director IV

    Honorary Vice-Chairperson

    Maricel M. Ureña
    Librarian V, RPD

  • Overall Officers

    Overall Chairperson

    Melanie A. Ramirez
    Librarian IV, RPD

    Overall Vice-Chairperson

    Jonathan F. Santos
    Librarian II, RPD

  • Secretariat


    Flordeliza T. Quiñones

    Librarian IV, RD


    Maricris L. Abancia

    ITO I, ITD


    Wilbur S. Calo
    Librarian II, RD

    Neriza D. Oraba
    Librarian II, CDD

    Marbilyn M. Egido
    Librarian I, CD

    Karla L. Lalica
    Librarian I, FD

  • Operations: Exhibit


    Maricel M. Diaz

    Librarian IV, FD


    Cherry V. Melquiades

    Librarian III, FD


    Farrah Lyn S. Gocoyo
    Librarian II, FD

    Anlhet C. Buenaventura
    Librarian I, FD

    Venus M. Ibanez
    Sr. History Researcher, FD

    Eruel A. Olvina
    Archivist I, FD

  • Operations: Children’s Activities


    Jose Tomasito N. Fernando

    Librarian III, RD


    Michael James R. Reyno

    Librarian II, PLD


    Jeeffa U. Acmat
    Librarian I, RD

    Gio Karlo J. Fuellos
    Librarian I, RD

    Elesio R. Palermo, Jr.
    Librarian I, RD

    James Rommel A. Mabborang
    Job Order

  • Operations: Outreach Program


    Rhodora E. Valdez
    Librarian IV, PLD

    Selected LISM 2023 Committee Members

  • Information & Documentation


    Jennifer C. Echitan

    History Researcher II, RPD


    Joel P. Lascano

    Librarian II, BSD


    Paul G. Dumagan
    Admin Aide IV, RPD

    Mark George DR. Acal
    Admin Aide II, RPD

  • Logistics


    Eleanor C. Siyang

    Librarian III, RPD


    Jean S. Ico

    Librarian III, FD


    Gabrielle Josephine M. Napao
    Librarian I, BSD

    Jimmy L. Calig
    Admin Assistant III, FAD

    Marcopolo J. Casarigo
    Admin Aide II, FAD

    Luciano N. Pagaling
    Admin Aide II, FD

    Marisol P. Gatbonton
    Job Order

  • Finance


    Geraldine V. Guisando

    Accountant III, FAD


    Elmerson R. Alberto

    Admin Officer V, FAD


    Marian Faith S. Sanchez

    Job Order

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