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June 19, 2023
The initial phase on the Exploratory Approach to build the First Indigenous Libraries in the Philippines following the format of a Barangay Reading Center (BRCs), was launched among the Indigenous Groups in Dilasag, Aurora. Ms. Rhodora Valdez, Assistant Division Chief, and Ms. Julie Ann Dominique San Esteban, Section Head, both from the Public Libraries Division, conducted initial community assessment among the different Barangays and Tribal Settlements of Dilasag, Aurora on June 14-15, 2023.
An introductory meeting was held and attended by different Indigenous People Mandatory Representatives (IMPRs) and Chieftains from the Agta IP group and Kankanaey IP group of Dilasag, Aurora. In this meeting, the concept of the Indigenous Library was presented by Ms. San Esteban, along with the timeline and deliverables of the project. A courtesy call and meeting with Dilasag Mayor, Hon. Joe P. Gorospe signified the LGU’s acceptance of the project.
Headed by Mr. Renato Lagto, Secretary to the Mayor, as assisted by Ms. Andrea Matias, Municipal IPMR, and various IPMRs and Chieftains of each IP group of Dilasag, Aurora, community visits were conducted with the NLP team on June 15, 2023 among the Barangays and IP settlements of the locality. The project was presented to Barangay Captains were it was received positively as it encourages the preservation and conservation of tangible indigenous culture, as well as provide library and information materials among all members of the community.
The data collected from the community visits will be used as basis for the acquisition of specialized library materials for the identified indigenous groups.
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