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Research with OLA

May 10, 2024

Every season is research season! Join OLA, your friendly LIVErarian from the National Library of the Philippines in this short video and get to know some research tips!

CTTO? No. Here’s how to properly cite your sources:

1. Thomas, G. (2009). How to Do Your Research Project: A Guide for Students in Education and Applied Social Sciences. SAGE Publications.

2. Rudestam, K.E. (2015). Surviving your dissertation : a comprehensive guide to content and process. SAGE Publications.

3. Walliman, N. (2005). Your research project : a step-by-step guide for the first-time researcher. Sage Publications.

4. Thomas, R.M. (2008). Theses and dissertations a guide to planning, research and writing. Corwin Press.

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