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Rare Books, Manuscripts, and Special Collections Section

In 1967, the Rare Books, Manuscripts and Special Collections Section (RBMS) was created through Department Order No. 3 to collect and preserve Filipiniana collections that include: original manuscripts, early printed books, exceptional collections, artworks, and other publications of historical importance.

The Special Collections include various personal collections of well-known personages in Philippine literature and history which are acquired either through purchase, donation or deposit. It also maintains non-book materials such as maps, photographs, calendars, posters and musical scores.

The bindery which is primarily responsible for book binding and repairs and application of preventive conservation activities is attached to this section.

RAREBOOKS, MANUSCRIPTS AND SPECIAL COLLECTIONS are determined based on the following:

1. All books about the Philippines printed before 1945;

2. All books printed in the Philippines prior to 1945;

3. All books belonging to the Tabacalera Collection;

4. Notable specimens of bookmaking, illustrations, and binding;

5. All early and rare Philippine manuscripts;

6. All out-of-print Filipiniana books of great historical value;

7. All highly important works of art in the institution.

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