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April 6, 2023

“Halo-halo is a super cooler, a glacial spectacular, a bonding tool, a sensuous badge of delight to the palate and to psyche, an ultimate refreshment that is tempting for every Filipino who craves for it even when it’s not summer. Halo-halo (common Pilipino word for “mixmix”) is simply a concoction of several layers of cooked fruit sweets topped by shaved ice and a dash of milk. Eaten with a spoon, this refreshment can actually carry on different variations of a cool symphony.

The simple halo-halo may contain cubed kamote (sweet potato) and saba (a variety of banana), silvers of fragrant langka (jackfruit), mongo beans, topped with shaved ice, milk and sugar”.

Source: De La Torre, Visitacion “Chit” R. (2105). Filipino cultural symbols, expressions, and brands. Makati City : Brown Movement for Cultural Advancement, Inc.

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