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Collection Development

The Collection Development Division (CDD) is mandated to perform the task of building and maintaining the library’s collection to serve educational, social, research, cultural, recreational, and other needs of the library users. 

The division has the following core functions:

Select, evaluate and acquire all types of library materials to enrich and expand the collection of the NLP, Locally Funded Projects and its affiliated public libraries;

● Maintain exchange of publications program with local and foreign institutions, and;

● Implements the provisions of the Decree on Cultural and Legal Deposit Law (PD 812).

● Performs mechanical organization of library materials;

● Evaluates, receives and acknowledges gifts and donations. 

The division has two Sections:


This section is in charge of acquiring materials for the NLP library collection and its affiliated public libraries, whether by purchase, legal deposit, gifts and donations and through exchange programs


This section handles the mechanical processing and organization of acquired books and other library materials, documents, prepares and sends publications to exchange partners and transfers books and other library materials to the Catalog Division, for classification, cataloging and database entry. Moreover, the section carries out the tasks of collating, stamping, accessioning, affixing of barcodes and security strips.

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