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2nd ASEAN Virtual Regional Conference of Public Librarians

August 30, 2022

The main objective of this virtual regional conference is to provide a venue for learning and appreciation of the ASEAN libraries, arts, and culture as well as, their inspiring stories, initiatives, collaborations, and innovations. Specifically, it aims to:

– Showcase libraries in ASEAN for deeper appreciataion of our work and our profession.

– Develop parnerships and collaborations with the leading international library organizations to be updated with their advocacies, the librarianship trends including the available library opportunities worldwide.

– Integrate the understanding among ASEAN librarians to their respective libraries’ vision, mission, objectives, programs, and activities.

– Cultivate a sense of community among public librarians in the ASEAN region.

– Publish the collective information that transpired in the virtual conference and make it readily accessible in every library.

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