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Calling all bookworms and knowledge seekers!

June 16, 2023

📚 Calling all bookworms and knowledge seekers! 🤓 The National Library of the Philippines’ Reference Division has decided to step up its game in promoting the utilization of NLP’s eResources. Oh yes, we’re taking it to the next level, folks!

Introducing… drumroll… eResources Day! 🎉 Because who doesn’t love a good day dedicated to embracing the wonders of online databases? 💻💡 We’re here to make sure those precious e-resources are put to the best use possible, like superheroes fighting against information scarcity!

We’re spreading the eResources love across the National Capital Region (NCR) by partnering with select public libraries. 🏢🤝 Together, we’ll ensure these fantastic online tools reach even more curious minds, turning libraries into powerhouses of knowledge!


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