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145th Birth Anniversary of Pres. Sergio Osmeña, Sr.

September 9, 2023

“As a people we have come of age. We must move forward, just and firm but merciful and humane, closely united, animated by the same social aspirations to happiness, bound together as a political state by the wise dispositions of our Constitution and our laws. God helping me, I shall strive to this end.” Then President Sergio Osmeña spoke these words to close his speech on November 23, 1944 in Tacloban, Leyte entitled “A Government of Law.” 


As the National Library of the Philippines and the whole nation commemorate the 145th Birth Anniversary of President Sergio Osmeña, Sr today, September 9, NLP would like to feature its rich online collection of manuscripts, articles, photos, etc. about the 4th president of the Philippines. The President Sergio Osmeña, Sr. Collection is accessible via NLP’s TeknoAklatan at


Republic Act No. 6953 declares September 9 of every year as a special non-working public holiday in the Province of Cebu and a special working public holiday in the rest of the country, in honor of the late President Osmeña.

Republic Act No. 6953:

You may also read the transcript of his speech, “A Government of Law,” through this link:

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