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How to get an ISSN

Public Advisory No. JET-02. Contactless Application for Numbering Systems (ISBN, ISSN and ISMN)


What is ISSN?

International Standard Serial Number (ISSN) is an international identifier for serials and continuing resources in the electronic and print worlds. It can be assigned to any serial or continuing resource whether past, present or to be published in the foreseeable future whatever the medium of production (e.g. print, online, CD-ROM, etc.).

An ISSN is not mandatory, and does not convey any form of legal or provide copyright protection on a work.

What is serial?

Serial is a continuing resource in any medium, issued in a succession of discrete parts, usually bearing numbering, that has no predetermined conclusion.  Examples of serials include journals, magazines, electronic journals, ongoing directories, annual reports, newspapers, monographic series, and newsletters.

What is Ongoing Integrating Resources?

Ongoing integrating resources is an electronic publication that are updated such as websites, blogs, institutional repositories, directories and databases.

How much does it cost?

Per Public Advisory No. JET-02 dated March 22, 2021, in view of the state of national emergency that the country is facing, the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) waives the collection of application fee for ISSN.

Do I need a different ISSN for each format?

Each format must have a different ISSN, which means that if you have one serials or continuing resources but will be published in different format, e.g. print, online, CD, DVD, etc. each of these will have its own ISSN.

A new ISSN may only be applied for in the following cases:

  • The publication’s medium changes (e.g. a print becomes an online).
  • The publication’s title changes.
  • Different language editions.


            Any changes made must be mentioned in the details of the old title, ISSN and the details of issues published during that period in the new journal(s)/serial(s).

How do I get an ISSN?

For Print Publication and CD/DVD

To obtain an ISSN before the publication of the first issue of a print serial or before the release of a serial on CD-ROM, a mock-up must be provided with the request.

Please take note:

  • ISSN shall not be requested a month before the release of the first issue; the National Centre reserve the right to defer the assignment of an ISSN requested in advance until a copy of the first issue has been received by the ISSN National Centre.
  • The National Center reserves the right to refuse ISSN to those who have not provided the ISSN National Centre a mock-up or a manuscript with title page, editorial responsibility, frequency, and publisher indicated on it.
  • Publishers must be aware that ISSN assigned ahead of publication won’t be formally registered in the ISSN Register until the receipt proof of the effective publication of the serial.
  • Complete information such as contact details (name of publisher/institution, address, telephone number, office telephone number, mobile number, e-mail [institutional domain] should be given. 

For Online publication

Due to recurrent and significant problems with online publications, the latter are usually not ISSN assigned ahead of publication. ISSN are assigned to online publications only after the release of the first issue, provided that this issue contains a significant number of articles. If it is considered that the first issue has not enough articles for being regarded as an actual and complete one, the ISSN assignment will be deferred. Regarding open access scholarly publications, 5 articles are considered as a minimum for making a complete issue.

Editorial boards and frequency statement with complete contact details (name of publisher / institution, address, telephone number, mobile number, e-mail (institutional domain) should be displayed on the publication website with valid URL.

Display of misleading/false information in the website will result in the rejection of the application.

Information / Documents needed for ISSN Assignment

  • Create an Account at Fill out the form, no need to attached NBDB Registration.
  • Wait for an email notification to create your password and login;
  • Go to the "ISSN Application' menu and fill out the required information at the ISSN Information Sheet;
  • Attached mock-up of the publication;
    • For a print version: complete issue or copy (in pdf or jpg files) of the cover, title page and editorial page. The editorial page must show the name and address of the publisher.
    • For a CD-ROM version: sample or copy (in pdf or jpg files) of the label affixed on the disc and/or on the container with the name and address of the publisher printed on.
    • For an online version: the URL (electronic address) of the publication. The name and address of the publisher must be displayed on the publication.
    • For a mobile version (for e-readers and smartphones): screenshots of the title screen and/ or of any other screens showing the name and the address of the publisher.
  • Click the Submit button;
  • Wait for an email notification to know the status of your application;

Please note that it is particularly important for the name of the publisher and the place of publication to be printed or displayed on the resource. The name and complete contact information (name of publisher/institution, address, telephone number, mobile number, e-mail (institutional domain)) must be displayed on the publication or publication website.  Please note that it is particularly important for the name of the publisher, editorial board, frequency statement and the place of publication to be printed or displayed on the serial or continuing resources.

ISSN Frequently Asked Questions (ISSN FAQs)

Other things to Note

  • Processing usually takes about 1-2 working day/s.
  • You may now use your ISSN for Barcode and you can proceed to upload or print your serials or continuing resources.
  • Should you wish to have legal or copyright protection. You may visit to know more about it.
  • Remember to submit two (2) copies of your printed serials or continuing resources to NLP within 30 days of publication.
  • Please be aware that details of all serials and continuing resources titles are registered by the NLP are sent to the International Centre and this data is published in ISSN Online ( and ISSN Compact (CD-ROM).

Let us know if you have more questions on applying for an ISSN with NLP!

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