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International Standard Serial Number Registration

What is ISSN? ISSN stands for International Standard Serial Number. It is an international identifier for serials and continuing resources in the electronic and print worlds. It can be assigned to any serial or continuing resource whether past, present or to be published in the forseeable future whatever the medium of production [e.g. print, online, CD-ROM, etc.].

How to obtain an ISSN?

Application Requirements:  
  1. For Printed Publications, two (2) copies of printed serial publication(s) for evaluation purposes (of research value); or manuscript of the serial publication.  For Online, URL/Website (Should be accessible w/o password and uploaded in the website)
  2. Two (2) copies of Duly filled out ISSN Information Sheet
  3. Registration fee of PhP120.00
Applications may be sent  through any of the following:
  1. Hand-deliver
  2. Courier Service
  3. Postal Mail
Payment may be in form of:
  1. Postal Money Order (payable to: National Library of the Philippines)
  2. Cash
Address to:         
National Library of the Philippines
c/o Mrs. Nina B. Fronda
Chief, Bibliographic Services Division
T.M. Kalaw St., Ermita, Manila
Tel. No.: 336-7200 loc. 406-407

When should a new ISSN be assigned?

When the title of the publication undergoes a major change, a new ISSN is assigned. If the medium of a publication changes, e.g. from print to online, a new ISSN is assigned.
What is the use of ISSN?
The ISSN, the unique identifier for serials, is used by many different types of organizations and interest groups to fulfill a wide range of purposes:
Publishers and subscription agencies: ISSN enables disambiguation between titles that are the same or similar to each other. It is a key data element for successful OpenURL implementation.
Press distributors: Faster and easier distribution thanks to the embedding of ISSN in EAN 13 bar codes.
Libraries and union-catalogues: Records can be downloaded in order to update a local catalogue or database. Valuable for file matching and de-duplication; for document delivery and inter-library loan; for transactions with subscription agencies [ordering, claiming, paying invoices, etc.].
Scholars, Researchers, Scientists: The ISSN Portal is an important source of information for worldwide bibliographic queries. The ISSN is also a basic requirement for all scholarly serials and publications: it is taken into account in the evaluation process of scholarly publications.
Electronic resources management and access: The ISSN is the major key for the building of knowledge bases for the management and access to electronic resources, and for the accurate building and processing of OpenURLs.
How to access the ISSN Portal?
-Annual or quarterly subscriptions. Order/Subscribe at
-Identification by Login and Password or by IP[Optional: submission of lists an d titles]
-ISSN Data also available via downloading of data files in different formats [MARC21, UNIMARC or tabular], or via the Z39.50 protocol in MARC21.


ISSN Information Sheet (A4 size paper)
ISSN Brochure (A4 size paper)

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