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Freedom of Information

The National Library of the Philippines (NLP) issues this Freedom of Information (FOI) Manual in response to the Executive Order No. 2, “Operationalizing in the Executive Branch the People’s Constitutional Right to Information and the State Policies to Full Public Disclosure and Transparency in the Public Service and Providing Guidelines Therefor”


Every Filipino shall have access to information, official records, and public records and to documents and papers pertaining to official acts, transactions or decisions of the NLP, as well as to government research data used as basic for policy development.

All FOI requests pertaining to the NLP shall be filed with and/or submitted to the Record’s Section, Finance and Administrative Division. The public may request information on all FOI related concerns in the NLP, including a copy of this, with the Freedom of Information Receiving Officer.

a.) Mode of Request. FOI requests may be made through written request submitted personally, registered mail, electronic mail (e-mail), or through official online portals, provided, that the requesting party shall provide all the required information and attach the supporting documents.

If requestor shall submit personally to the Records Office a written request, he/she shall state the name, contact information, the reason of request. It shall be addressed to the Director and submitted to the:

The Record Section
Finance and Administrative Division
G/F National Library of the Philippines
T. M. Kalaw St. Ermita,
Manila, 1000

lf the requestor chooses to file an FOI request in a separate written request, by e-mail or other official portals, such request shall be accompanied by a duly-filled up standard FOI Request Form and attached the said written request or e-mail.

a.1) Identification and Proof of Authority. A requesting party shall attach to his or her FOI request the following:

a.1.1) At least two (2) valid government IDs containing the photograph and signature of the requesting party;

a.1.2) If the requestor could not personally appear before this office, he/she should send a representative bearing an authorization letter and two (2) proofs of identification;

b) Reasonable Assistance.

b.1) A person who is unable to write, because of illiteracy or due to disability may make an oral request to the Records Officer;

b.2) The Records Officer shall transcribe the oral request into the form;

b.3) The requestor should affix his/her signature on the request form; in case of inability to sign, the requesting person may use his/her left thumb mark instead;

b.4) The NLP may endorse to other government institution if the records or documents being requested is not available at the NLP;

c.) Fees

c.1) A one hundred pesos (Phl100.00) charge will be collected for the use of the official dry seal;

c.2) One peso (Php1.00) will be charge for every documents photocopied. For scanned documents a fee of seven pesos (Php7.00) per image will be charged.

c.3) A Delivery fee of two hundred pesos (Php200.00) will be charge for every mail.

d.) Duration of Request

d.1) The NLP shall respond to a fully compliant request (grant or deny) within fifteen (15) working days from the receipt thereof except:

d.2) In cases that the request was endorsed by another agency, the period of compliance shall be reckoned from the date the NLP received the forwarded request.

d.3) If the request needs extensive search of the NLPs’ records facilities and examination of voluminous records, the Records Officer shall notify the requesting party of an extension together with the reasons for extension.

e.) Protection of Privacy

While the intention of this Manual is to disclose and provide access to information on all public and official records of the NLP, the Records Officer should also make sure that the right to privacy of the individual must not be compromised such as:

e.1) The information being asked should only be relevant to the subject-matter of the request;

e.2) The information being asked must not be used to expose the individual to vilification, harassment or any other wrongfully acts.

f.) Denial of Access

The NLP may deny or disapprove the request for information if:

f.1) The documents/records being requested is not available at the NLP;

f.2) The documents/records do not fall under the public documents/records category like employees medical records and the like, which might be used to abuse or harass the employee concerned;

f.3) Identical or substantially similar request of the same requesting party whose previous request has been denied or granted.

f.4) Document/s being requested was already disposed by the NLP (see NAP General Circular No. 2, January 20, 2009 or the Guidelines on the Disposal of Valueless Records in Government Agencies)

g. Appeal

g.1) A written appeal shall be filed by the same person making the request within fifteen (15) days from the notice of denial or from the lapse of the relevant period to respond to the request

g.2) The requestor may appeal the decision of the Assistant Director to the Director, whose decision shall be final

h. Status of Request

h.1) The Records Officer shall sent notification or any form of communication available to notify the requestor regarding status of request and needed fees.

h.2) If request is approved, a certified true copy of the document/s bearing the dry seal of the office will be issued to the requestor; and if denied shall provide detailed reason for denial of access.

h.3) All requested documents shall be countersigned by the FOI Appeals Officer before release.

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