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Starting March 31 (Monday), Reading rooms will be open from Mondays to Fridays, 8:00am to 5:00pm. Extended library hours will be suspended until further notice. Please also be advised that we will be closed on the following dates in observance of:

May 1 - Labor Day

edit: The NLP has now opened its doors to library tours, cultural exhibits and the use of the auditorium on a case to case basis. Kindly contact us for inquiries. 

For any comments, suggestions, inquiries and the like, please feel free to email us via (emails sent after office hours and during the weekend may be checked the following working day. Please pardon the inconvenience).

Free Koha ILS training at NLP goes on

Going three years now, the Information Technology Division of the National Library of the Philippines continues to provide free Koha training to affiliated public librarians and interested individuals from academic and other agencies.


Library tours and use of the National Library of the Philippines' facilities for exhibits, conferences, seminars, etc. are suspended until further notice due to ongoing retrofitting, effective February 25, 2013.


In celebration of the 126th Founding Anniversary of the National Library of the Philippines, the Public Libraries Division invites proposals for the 2013 National Conference of Public Librarians with the theme: “The Role of Public Libraries in Preserving Cultural Heritage”.

Notes on the 1st National Conference of Children's Librarians

by Anton C. Lecaros

Success! Goodnight. These were the sentiments of National Library of the Philippines (NLP) staff as the first national conference of children's librarians drew to a close after weeks of hectic planning and organizing.


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