What is NEFLI?

Network of Emerging Filipino Library Innovators (NEFLI) is a three (3)-year leadership training program for public librarians in the country, adopted from one of the Global Libraries Initiatives,  which  is  the  INELI.  It  is  implemented  by  the  Public Libraries Division (PLD) that involves public librarians in the country and other interested participants to leverage appropriate solutions that will enable public library leaders who share a common vision for economic, political and socio-cultural development and integration particularly focusing and strengthening capacities of public librarians in the country.


Why is it necessary to implement NEFLI in the Country?

Recognizing the various challenges that the public libraries in the country continuously face, such as the lack of strong partnership and collaborations among them, specifically, the lack of common and practical platform to enable easy access to vital information and conducive venue for relevant knowledge and information exchange, the development of an effective and feasible mechanism to address the aforementioned issues and concerns becomes an imperative.

It is in this context that the NEFLI and other related initiatives and partnerships become instrumental in the identification, adoption and innovation of strategies in developing leadership capacities and technical skills of public librarians.

It will create opportunity to capacitate emerging public library leaders in undertaking relevant innovations for optimizing the roles and functions of public libraries. Likewise, it will significantly contribute to enhancing leadership skills and competencies of the participants. Further, this will provide a venue for the exchange in addressing national public library issues that have potential to stimulate, expand, and improve public library operations and services.




Contact Us

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National Library of the Philippines
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Tel: (632) 310-5035 loc 204/205
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