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04 December 2023, 12:02 PM

Bulletin of Vacant Positions as October 2021

1Information Technology Officer IIINL-NCCAC-ITO3-1-20072486,742Bachelor’s Degree relevant to the job with Master’s Degree40 hours of supervisory/management learning anddevelopment interventionundertaken.4 years ofsupervisory /managementexperienceCareer Service (Professional) /Second Level EligibilityCore Competencies:(Advanced)1.ExemplifyingIntegrity2.Delivering ServiceExcellenceOrganizationalCompetencies:(IAdvanced)1.DemonstratingPersonal Effectiveness2.CommunicatingEffectively3.Planning, Organizingand DeliveringLeadershipCompetencies:(Intermediate)1.ThinkingStrategically andCreatively2.Leading...

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Bulletin of Vacant Positions as May 2021

No.Position Title (Parenthetical Title, if applicable)Plantilla Item No.Salary/ Job/ Pay GradeMonthly SalaryQualification StandardsPlace of AssignmentEducationTrainingExperienceEligibilityCompetency (if applicable)1Administrative Officer V (Cashier III)NL-NCCAC-ADOF5-25-20041843,681Bachelor’s Degree relevant to the job8 hours of relevant training2 years of relevant experienceCareer Service (Professional) /Second Level EligibilityCore Competencies: 1.Exemplifying Integrity (Advanced) 2.Delivering Service Excellence -(Intermediate) Organizational Competencies: (Intermediate) 1.Demonstrating...

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Final Selection Line-up

Administrative Aide I (CDD) Administrative Aide I (CAT) Administrative Aide III (FAD) Administrative Aide VI (FAD) Bookbinder I Information Systems Analyst II Librarian I (Filipiniana, Catalog, Reference) Administrative Assistant II (FAD & ITD) Administrative Assistant III (FAD) Administrative Assistant VI (FAD) Administrative Officer II (FAD) Administrative Officer IV (FAD) Administrative Officer V (FAD) Administrative Aide II (FIL) Librarian II (Research, Filipiniana) Librarian III (Public Libraries, Filipiniana) Librarian IV (BSD,...

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