Payment registration

Title Email Address Deposit slip Reference no. Remarks
Lucena R. Felipe 20180301-655 deposit slips for Lucena R. Felipe and Benelyn R. Salvador
Benelyn R. Salvador 20180302-681
Ana Marie D. Fernandez 20180302-677
Lorenza D. Oliveros 0012117876 Deposited the amount of Php 6,800. as CONFERENCE REGISTRATION FEE on March 07, 2018 09:49AM to the NLP's Landbank Account no. 0012117876. Will update payment on ALPS membership during the Conference. Thank you. Lorenz 0950-5454665
Arlene P. Matias 20180213-498
MERCY CAÑA BANO 20180213-500
Marilou Lobo 20180221586
Mailene Macaranas 20180221585
Merla A. Baltazar 20180302-683
MARLON A. ATENCIO 20180227-625 payment is for Mr. Marlon A. Atencio with reference #20180227-625 and Ms. Evonny Lyn D. Neneng with refrence # 20180227-624 an amount of 13,600 php.