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Technical Services

  • Indexing

A service provided by the Bibliographic Services Division which creates indexes of serials.  Periodical index is a type of reference source that lists periodical articles by subject or author. An index will point you to the right periodical, the specific date, volume or issue copy, and even the pages for a specific article. A periodical index works like a subject catalog for the articles within a group of magazines and journals. This is extended to other librarians and Library and Information Science students through in-service training.

  • Cataloging and Classification

Provided by the Catalog Division, this service is also extended to other librarians and Library and Information Science students who are interested to learn more about cataloging through the in-service training.

  • Digitization

Digital conversion of print, audio and video materials. It is also used for digital reprography, regular and large format printing.

  • Audio recording

Service for visually impaired researchers which allow them to request for audio book production


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