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Collection Development

The Collection Development Division (CDD) performs a central role in the delivery of basic library services as collection development is a core service in all libraries and is the basis of the entire library service program.  The selection and evaluation of books and other library materials are among the main functions of the CDD. However, librarians from the reading rooms of NLP and public librarians in the field also provide input and recommendations as to the books and other library materials to be acquired based on the needs of their respective clientele. 


  • Selects and evaluates library materials for acquisition to enrich and expand the collection of NLP and affiliated public libraries all over the country;
  • Performs mechanical organization of library materials;
  • Maintains exchange program with both local and foreign institutions; 
  • Evaluates, receives and acknowledges gifts and donations; and
  • Implements the provisions of Presidential Decree No. 812 (Legal and Cultural Deposit Law) and Republic Act No. 8293 (Intellectual Property Code).

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