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Chinese Embassy Officials Visit the National Library of the Philippines (NLP)

Officials from the Embassy of the People's Republic of China, headed by Mr. Pan Feng, the embassy's Cultural Counsellor, visited the NLP on August 23, 2012. The delegation donated more than 400 books on various aspects of Chinese history, language, literature, arts and culture as well as some children's books. They also paid a courtesy call to NLP Director Antonio M. Santos.

Dir. Santos remarked that the donation was well-timed since the NLP is currently embarking on the construction of a China Bookroom in partnership with Angeles University Foundation – Confucius Institute (AUF-CI), with the aim of providing access to print and non-print materials and to stimulate and support innovative teaching and learning of Chinese language and culture among Filipinos.

Mr. Feng expressed his enthusiasm for future collaborations with the NLP. The officials were later toured around the building to view its other facilities and services.

Mr. Feng has also been instrumental in the participation of Dir. Santos and Mr. Benhur Asid, National Committee on Libraries and Information Services (NCLIS) Member in the 2012 China-ASEAN Cultural Forum and 7th ASEAN Plus Three Workshop on Cooperation for Cultural Human Resource Development being held in Guanxi and Zhejiang, China on September 10-18, 2012 with the theme “Resource Sharing and Cooperative Development of Asian Libraries”. The workshop was organized by China's Ministry of Culture.

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