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Borrowing Procedure

*materials are for "room use" only.

  • Client browses the On-line Public Access Catalog (OPAC) on details of information resources he/she would like to borrow. Complete bibliographic information must be properly noted including location symbol:
                          Asia for Asia & Oceania                                   CL for Children's Library
                          Fil. for Filipiniana                                               GPD for Government Publications
                          MMC for Multimedia Center                             Ref. for Reference
  • Client proceeds to the reading room areas and registers in the Readers' Attendance Sheet at the entrance area.
  • Client is directed to the shelf number where his/her requested materials are located.
  • After getting the book, this must be presented to the librarian in-charge at the circulation counter together with library ID or transaction stub and request form.
  • Client must be cleared with all materials he/she borrowed before he/she can borrow again.


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