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Establishment/Affiliation of Public Libraries

  • The Local Government Unit (LGU) shall send a Resolution passed by the Sanggunian to the National Library of the Philippines (NLP) signifying its interest to affiliate its public library.
  • The NLP through its Public Libraries Division provides the LGU concerned with two (2)copies of the Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) to be executed between the Head of the LGU and the Director of the NLP.  One (1) copy is for the LGU concerned and the other one is for NLP.  Said MOA embodies the obligation of the NLP as well as the LGU.
  • The LGU must submit two (2) photographs  of the library building showing the interior and exterior views.
  • The designated librarian must undergo a 5-day training on the various aspects of public library work at the NLP or in any affiliated provincial, city or municipal library near the locality. He/she is requested to submit a copy of his/her Certificate of Training including his/her resume to the NLP.

Training/Conference/Seminars of Public Librarians

  • To improve the services being  rendered by the public libraries,  the librarians especially the  newly appointed ones, are  required to undergo training on managerial aspects of public  librarianship.
  • Public librarians are called  to the National Library of the  Philippines for conferences,  seminars, and trainings to update them in their work and to keep them abreast of the latest  development in the field of  librarianship.  The PLD is  responsible in the sending of  invitations, memorandum orders and office orders of the Director to concerned officials and  librarians.

Book Allocation

The National Library of the Philippines continues to provide books and other reading materials to existing public libraries.

  • Upon completion of the required documents by the local government unit concerned, the initial allocation of books and non-book materials is released to the newly established/affiliated library.
  • A year after the initial allocation, it gets its second allotment of books every month of October or November thereafter, provided that it renders reports promptly to the PLD.
  • Libraries that do not submit regularly monthly reports and other reports are not entitled to allocation.

Monitoring/Visitation/Ocular Inspection

Monitoring/Visitation/Ocular Inspection are done without prior notice except for inventory of books. This is essential to keep tract and to know whether a public library is operational or not specially those that are not sending regularly their monthly, annual and inventory reports and to:

  • help the librarians in taking up with their local officials financial problems   affecting their libraries;
  • supervise effectively the public libraries in the area;
  • guide the public librarians and staff in their functions and activities and to suggest possible solutions to the problems affecting their respective libraries;
  • establish harmonious relationship with local  officials in order to get   their support for the betterment of their libraries;
  • secure first hand information on the status of suspected delinquent libraries; and convince personally the local   government officials without public libraries in their area to establish their own.

Bookmobile Services

Books on Wheels or Bookmobiles form  an integral part of the library system. They can  serve as vital links between local governments and  members of the community, can give direct access to the under privileged segment of our populace, can serve as aids in the various programs of the national government and can stimulate good reading habits in the rural areas where there are no libraries or reading centers.

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