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Cascading of NLP’s eResources for Public Libraries Affiliated with NLP Presentation and Demonstration

The National Library of the Philippines (NLP) initiated the Cascading of NLP’s E-Resources for Public Libraries Affiliated with NLP on a two-part presentation and demonstration conducted on 21 and 28 April 2021 via Zoom.


NLP E-Resources portal set its goal to address the limited capacity of public libraries in the delivery of online services, particularly in the online resources. This is in line with the NLP's initiative to support public libraries as the information provider of the community.


The Reference Division (RD) of NLP offered this training to affiliated Public Libraries (in Luzon and NCR) to capacitate the library personnel on the different online databases subscribed and procured by NLP. Public library personnel were expected to design strategies and mechanism in the delivery of each online databases to their respective community members. These online databases can be accessed for FREE and made available for library users essential for education and research.


Presentation and demonstration of each database provider guided the participants in exploring and navigating the e-resources to assist them in managing the provided portal for their clients. Ms. Xenia B. Romero, Librarian II from RD, showed a step-by-step process to access these databases in the NLP portal. Assistant Director Edgardo B. Quiros also took part in the training by navigating the NLP Digital Collections and provided some tips on securing copies from digital collections. Both the NLP E-Resources Portal and the TeknoAklatan are accessible at the NLP website,


The second batch of cascading to other public libraries will be on 10-11 May 2021, with follow-through on NLP’s E-Database set on 15 July 2021. For further improvement of the system, a Focus Group Discussion about the impact of access and utilization of NLP’s E-Databases to Public Libraries will be conducted on 15 September 2021.


For those who want to access the E-Resources, go to or send your request to



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