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Cesar Gilbert Q. Adriano
Director IV

Edgardo B. Quiros, RL
Acting Assistant Director

Nina Fronda
Librarian V
Bibliographic Services Division
Arlene De Castro
Librarian V
Catalog Division
Anne Rosette Crelencia
Asst Division Chief, Librarian IV
Filipiniana Division
Edgardo B. Quiros, RL
Chief, Information Technology Officer III
Information Technology Division
Fe B. Basagre
Acting Chief, Administrative Officer V
Finance and Administrative Division
Susan J. Fetalco
Acting Chief, Librarian V
Collection Development Division
Blesila P. Velasco
Librarian V
Public Libraries Division
Dolores Carungui
Chief, Librarian V
Reference Division
Leonardo P. Bernabe, Jr.
Acting Chief, ITO II
Research and Publications Division


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