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Cesar Gilbert Q. Adriano
Director IV

Edgardo B. Quiros, RL
 Assistant Director

Nina Fronda
Chief, Librarian V
Bibliographic Services Division
Arlene De Castro
Chief, Librarian V
Catalog Division
Anne Rosette Crelencia
Acting Chief, Librarian IV
Filipiniana Division
Maricris Abancia
Information Technology Division
Fe B. Basagre
Chief, Administrative Officer V
Finance and Administrative Division
Susan J. Fetalco
Acting Chief, Librarian V
Collection Development Division
Blesila P. Velasco
Chief, Librarian V
Public Libraries Division
Dolores Carungui
Chief, Librarian V
Reference Division
Leonardo P. Bernabe, Jr.
Acting Chief, ITO II
Research and Publications Division


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