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Notes on the 1st National Conference of Children's Librarians

by Anton C. Lecaros

Success! Goodnight. These were the sentiments of National Library of the Philippines (NLP) staff as the first national conference of children's librarians drew to a close after weeks of hectic planning and organizing.

Notice to the Public

The National Library of the Philippines (NLP) building is undergoing Seismic Retrofitting starting the 2nd of February, 2013. The Library will be opened, however, some facilities will be relocated within the building and some services will be scaled down. Construction-related noise, dust, smell and debris are also expected. Help us keep everyone safe, follow warning signs and avoid construction areas.

PPLAI hosts Koha Phase 2 in Pangasinan









Chinese Culture Photography Exhibit at the National Library of the Philippines

From the 8th of October till the 28th, 2012, the National Library of the Philippines, in cooperation with the Cultural Office of the Embassy of the People's Republic of China, is holding a photography exhibit to showcase the culture of modern China. China boasts of thousands of years of rich cultural history and is now blossoming into one of the great world powers. The exhibit will show how China's progress has shaped its society today.

Rediscovered Treasures in the National Library of the Philippines

by Anne Rosette G. Crelencia
Books, manuscripts, photographs, serials, maps and assorted memorabilia make up the treasures of the National Library of the Philippines (NLP). Every year, these collections are added to, increasing the breadth and depth of our recorded cultural heritage. Sadly, the vagaries of time, politics, and budget constraints sometimes make it difficult to keep track of everything in the library's charge.


Online Storytelling

Ang Bahaghari
Ang Asul na kariton
Who’s the prettiest egg?

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